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• 9/23/2016

The Adventure Begins: The Royal Kingdom of the Gem

Snow White: Queen Snow White looked out of the castle window, watching everyone mill about doing their work. Satisfied, she went to her room when a guard arrived.

"Your Majesty! The Soulless have attacked!"

Snow gasped. "It's time. Call Prince Kristoff. The adventure begins."

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• 9/23/2016

Queen of Hearts: The Queen of Hearts reappeared in Snow White's gardens. She looked up and saw Snow White pacing. Then she heard the clip-clop of reindeer; Prince Kristoff had arrived. The Queen of Hearts opened a communications with Hades, who commanded her to enter the castle.

"Off with their heads," the Queen whispered into the frosty winter air.

• 9/23/2016

Kristoff: After departing from Arendelle, Kristoff reached the Royal Kingdom of the Gem, a northern realm in the Lands of the Center. Sven took Kristoff to the gardens. Clip-clop, went Sven's feet. Kristoff walked into the castle's doors.

"I have to be vigilant."

Then he walked to Snow White's Hall.

• 9/28/2016

Snow White: "Where is Kristoff? I see the Queen of Hearts... but not him."

Snow paced the room. She went up to her chambers, and overlooked the countryside, burning as Soulless began making their attacks. Snow was a queen; she should know how to handle this. But she didn't. As Snow White paced, she thought of her past. The Evil Queen. Her past. Her story.

Snow fell. She knew what to do. She couldn't bear this inner darkness, the desire to destroy her past; to destroy those without her soul.

Yes, this solution was dangerous. Counterproductive. Unsafe. Idiotic. But it was a solution.

Snow picked up the serum Dr. Jekyll had sent her, upon her request. She injected the serum, and felt a searing pain as her soul was ripped apart. Snow White watched as the Evil Queen came out of her. So this was her dark side. Someone who mirrored a wicked sorceress from her past.

"What have I done...?" Snow asked herself.

• 9/28/2016

Evil Queen Snow White: The Evil Queen looked up and down at Queen Snow White, who was trembling.

"Look at what you are."

The Evil Queen's thoughts raced through her head. This meek, unintimidating excuse for a queen was her? Or a reflection of her? This was a sin. A crime. This woman was her mirror. A meek, trembling nobody.

"This is my kingdom. Get out... Snow White." The Evil Queen's words were clear and cold. Searing. Intimidating. And most importantly... Snow White's.

• 10/12/2016

Snow White: Snow White hurried to the Dungeon of Dreams, hurriedly. She needed to see the Prisoner.

Janus looked at Snow as she entered. "Finally. I have been waiting. Take these shackles off."

Snow uttered a single world. "No."

Janus sighed. Snow White had become a queen. A regal woman, who had turned from a sweet, innocent princess into a more serious, cold-hearted queen.

"What do you want, Your Majesty?" Janus asked, not actually caring; his leaving the Dungeon was his one and only priority. 

"I want to know what Hades is doing. I've heard he's brought back the Evil Queen."

"Ah. So the great Queen Snow White is scared... of a former royal?"

"Don't test me, Janus."

"That's what I do for a living. Or did, until you waltzed in and took my happy ending."


Queen Snow White's carriage was on the road back to her palace, passing through Zootopia, when she saw a man with two faces. The God of Choices. Janus turned around to look at her.

"The God of Choices," Snow said. "Come, make a choice for me."

Janus couldn't resist. Before he knew it, Snow had clasped a bracelet on him, and had him now cuffed.

"A Deity," Snow scoffed. "Even worse than the Evil Queen herself. You're going to my Dungeon of Dreams."

Present Day (con't.)

"You're a Deity, Janus. Deities need to die."

Janus realized what Snow White's deal was. Find out what Hades is doing, and Snow would let him keep his life.

"Fine. Now how do I do this... and where do I start?"

• 10/12/2016

Snow White: Snow sighed. "You're a deity. Figure it out."

"Take the cuff off; it inhibits the magic you require for this job."

Sigh. "Fine, but no funny business."

Janus looked at his quivering hand. A golden coin appeared in Janus' hand.

"Hades. Information. Now," Snow said.

"Sorry, dearie, but you angered a god. Now... you'll suffer."

Janus looked at Snow White and charged at her, coin at the ready. Snow instinctively took out her Vorpal Blade, and before she could think, it was in Janus' stomach.

"I didn't think it would work..." Snow said.

"You idiot! Wonderland's Vorpal Blade can kill anything, with limits!" a dying Janus said.

Janus began wilting, and soon, only his upper body remained. "No, this isn't your ending, Janus! We made a deal!'

"And I broke it," Janus said. "In spite of you."

The rest of Janus wilted, and Janus was dead.

"What have I done?" Snow thought.

• 10/12/2016

Evil Queen Snow White: "What you did, dear, was play right into my open arms."

"You did this," Snow growled, looking at the dust that used to be Janus.

"No. You did. I simply... helped." The Evil Queen's face was full of mirth. "And when I take my revenge... you'll pay."

With that, the Evil Queen disappeared.

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