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• 9/23/2016

The Adventure Begins: Arendelle

Kristoff: In Arendelle Castle, Kristoff was reading and writing reports on the week's ice exports when Kai entered the room.

"Your Majesty... a letter from Queen Snow White."

"Thank you," Kristoff said, thinking, "what does Snow want from me?"

Kristoff's eyes widened in horror as he learned off the recent Soulless attack.

"Yes... I must go," he thought. Kristoff quickly wrote down a letter to Elsa and Anna explaining his mysterious disappearance. "Give this to the sisters," Kristoff ordered Kai. Kai nodded, and exited. Kristoff went to the stables. "Are you ready for a trip to Snow's castle?"

"Of course I am," Kristoff said, speaking for Sven. "Then let's go," Kristoff said.

Kristoff took a last glance at the Arendelle Castle, then he and Sven raced off into the distance.

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• 9/26/2016

Anna: Anna ran to Kristoff's room. Inside, she saw on his desk cluttered papers when Kai walked in.

"Ah! There you are. Prince Kristoff needed you to read this. Queen Elsa already has."

Anna read over, surprised that Kristoff hadn't even said goodbye. But she knew why. Queen Snow White needed his help. She sighed. She of course couldn't have it all.

"Thank you, Kai."

"Anytime, m'lady."

Anna walked over to the dining hall, where Elsa had left her a chocolate feast.


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