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• 9/23/2016

The Adventure Begins: Wonderland

Queen of Hearts: She was satisfied with today's beheadings when she received a letter from Hades. The Queen wasn't in the Underworld. Why? Yes, she was on the dark side. But she hadn't really been a villain; just a psychopath. There was a difference.

Hades' letter told her to go to the Royal Kingdom of the Apple. So the Queen left her pet Cheshire Cat in charge of running Wonderland. The Queen of Hearts summoned her magical power and teleported away.

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• 9/23/2016

Ariel: Shortly after the Queen of Hearts left Wonderland, Ariel splashed in. Changing into a human using her mermaid magic, Ariel surveyed the empty Castle of Hearts. No one was there. "Good," she thought.

Then she saw Tweedledee and Tweedledum making their rounds around the castle. Rushing, Ariel hid herself so the Tweedles couldn't get her. She was out of their sight now. "That was close."

The Tweedles disappeared. Ariel took this as her cue. She sprinted into the Vault of Hearts. She searched for a heart when she saw a jar titled "Prince Eric of the Sea".

She opened it. Empty. "No... this isn't possible," Ariel thought.

She strengthened her resolve. "I will save you, Eric."

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