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• 9/24/2016

What a Strange Case! Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Auditions (until 9/24/16)

OC Auditions! Read the description carefully for your audition!

Dr. Jekyll: A man in his 30s, haunted by the Serum he made which has the ability to separate a person's light and darkness. He is his light half, and horrified by Mr. Hyde, his darkness, he leaves the World of Science for the World of Magic to call Snow White so she can help find a way to banish Hyde to the Underworld.

Mr. Hyde: A wicked man in his 30s, Mr. Hyde is the evil half of Dr. Jekyll. Stuck in the World of Science due to imprisonment from Mr. Poole, Hyde seeks revenge and has a terrible temper. Travelling to the World Without Magic, Mr. Hyde enters the portal to Wonderland to meet with someone with an even worse temper - the Queen of Hearts.

Mr. Poole: A 50-year-old, Dr. Jekyll's manservant, Mr. Poole lives in the World of Science in Jekyll's Estate. When Mr. Hyde is unleashed upon the world, he makes a deal with a mysterious trade partner, Queen Elsa, to defeat Hyde and save his master.

Mr. Utterson: A man from the World Without Magic who was transported to the World of Science, Mr. Utterson was sent to the World of Science when the Soulless attacked London. Utterson makes friends with Jekyll and goes with him to meet Queen Snow White.


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• 9/25/2016

Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde, Poole, and Utterson: The good doctor Jekyll woke drowsily in his study when Mr. Hyde walked in.

"Look who has just woken up," Hyde smirked.

"Hyde." Jekyll said. "You are the monster I should have never created."

"But you did; and that is your fault." Hyde's words stung Jekyll. He knew they were true.

"I will destroy you someday. But for now, all I must do is escape you."

"There is no chance," Hyde said. He moved to choke Jekyll, but Jekyll pushed him back. He ran out of his study and into Mr. Poole. "Master?"

"We have to run. Hurry!"

As Hyde chased after them, Jekyll and Poole ran into Mr. Utterson's apartment.

"Mr. Utterson, I need your help. How would you like to go to the World of Magic?" Jekyll asked.

"Anything for you, my friend."