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• 10/12/2016

Evil Queen Audition: 10/12 Only!

Ends at 12am ET.

Audition for the role of the Evil Queen!

The Evil Queen: A nefarious villain from a story of the past, the Evil Queen was resurrected in a deal with the darkness, and she's out looking for revenge against Snow White.

For this audition, you will also RP as Hades. You will create the scene between the Evil Queen and Hades, in which the Evil Queen is released. The winner's scene is canon and they may portray the Evil Queen.

Good luck!

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• 10/13/2016

It was a glamorous day in the Underworld. Hades was finally going to let one person out for their revenge. So many people were wondering who it would be - Yzma, Gaston, Cruella De Vil, Maleficent, the Headless Horseman - all villains. However, one woman knew who was leaving the Underworld.

The Evil Queen.

She looked around at the wicked people all around her. Lady Tremaine. Drizella. Captain Hook. None of them were leaving... yet. Once it was time, Hades would release everyone.


The Evil Queen walked briskly to Hades' office. Upon her arrival, Hades welcomed her.

"So, Grim, what do you want?" Hades boredly asked.

"To return to the real world," the Evil Queen said.

"Your wish is my command." And with that, Hades gave the Evil Queen a slip of paper.

"In your residence, on the day of your departure, a magical door will open. Go to it, and you may leave the Underworld," Hades said.

"Thank you," Grimhilde breathed.

"Make us all proud."


Grimhilde was reclining. She had packed already. At midday, the magic door materialized. The Evil Queen opened it. And what she saw was beautiful.

Snow White was evil.

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