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• 10/12/2016

The Adventure Begins: Morphling Country

Seven months ago...

Anna: After having said goodbye to Elsa and Kristoff in Arendelle, Anna's carriage entered a new realm, passing through a portal into the Morphling Country, a world of strangeness. This was the realm of characters such as the Mad Hatter (who had left for Wonderland), Belle (who had moved to the World of Magic), and most importantly, Janus, the God of Choices.

Anna asked a commoner, "Do you know where Janus is?"

The commoner pointed at the Temple of Janus.

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• 10/12/2016

Anna: Anna realized who Janus was -- the God of Choices. She had to make the choice - to save Elsa, or to save Arendelle from the Queen of Hearts' spell.

"I have to take a risk. I don't need Janus."

And with that, Anna left the Morphling Country.

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