Morphling Country Character
Biographical Information
Status: Alive
Home: Morphling Country
Physical Description
Show Information
Portrayed by: ONCEFanandHappyHippo
Appears in: "The Adventure Begins"
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Do you know where the Temple of Janus is?
Anna to Commoner

The Commoner is a minor character in World of Magic. The Commoner débuts, with their only appearance, in "The Adventure Begins". The Commoner is portrayed by ONCEFanandHappyHippo as a plot device character.


When Princess Anna of Arendelle visits the Morphling Country's large marketplace bazaar, the Commoner passes by her. Anna asks where the Temple of Janus is. The Commoner points Anna in its general direction.


  • The Commoner has been signed on for Season One, to be a potentially less minor character in one episode.


Season One