Finnick Odair's Natural Charming Smile
General Information
Origin: District 4
Current Location: Arendelle
  • Storybrooke
  • The Land Without Witches
  • Land of Stories
  • New York City
Status: Existing
dreamy: smile
Physical Description
Type: Blood Magic
Color: Pink
Usage Information
Created by:
  • Finnick Odair
  • Prince Charming
Possessed by:
  • Finnick Odair
Used by:
  • Finnick Odair
  • Kristoff
Used on:
  • Ariel
  • Dr. Frankenstein
  • The President
  • Katniss Everdeen †
  • Elsa
Used for: Being nice
Show Information
First mention: "You"
Appears in: "Me"
First appearance: "He"
Latest appearance: "Her"
Latest mention: "It"
Next appearance: "When"
Beauty is only skin deep.
Belle to Finnick Odair

Finnick Odair's Natural Charming Smile is magic featured on World of Magic. It débuts in "You".

It is based off of Finnick Odair's smile from the Hunger Games series.


Finnick Odair uses the smile on Katniss in the arena. Then he goes to New York City and charms the president into giving him a Hershey's Chocolate Kiss.


  • This is a nonsensical crack fic.
  • This is utter parody; but when editing a magic page make it accurate!