Morphling Country Character
Biographical Information
Gender: Male
Status: Deceased
Home: Dungeon of Dreams

Temple of Janus (formerly)

Occupation: God of Choices
Physical Description
Species: Deity
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Blue
Show Information
Portrayed by: ONCEFanandHappyHippo
Appears in: "The Adventure Begins"
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Snow White: Don't test me, Janus.

Janus: That's what I do for a living. Or did, until you waltzed in and took my happy ending.

Snow White and Janus

Janus, also known as the God of Choices or The Prisoner is a character on World of Magic. He débuts in "The Adventure Begins". Janus is portrayed by ONCEFanandHappyHippo as a rented character.

Janus is from Greek Mythology.


Janus' story is learned as far as the kingdom of Arendelle. One day, a princess of that kingdom, Anna, is visiting when she asks a commoner where Janus resides. The commoner points Anna in the direction of the Temple of Janus. ("The Adventure Begins")

Six years later, Janus is visiting in Zootopia when Snow White's carriage passes. Janus looks at Snow White, who recognizes him as a Deity. Snow White asks for his help, but strips him of his magic and imprisons him in the Dungeon of Dreams. A year later, Snow White visits him again, this time needing Janus' help to find out what Hades is doing. Initially, Janus refuses, but Snow White decides that if he carries out the task, he will not be killed just yet. Janus begrudgingly accepts the deal. When he asks for his inhibition cuff to be removed, Snow White removes it. After relishing his magic's return, Janus attempts to kill Snow White. However, Snow White plays into the Evil Queen Snow White's plan, and kills Janus with the Vorpal Blade. ("The Adventure Begins")


  • Janus has two faces.


Season One