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Character Selection

You may choose unlimited characters. Please note it must be part of theWorld of Magic Canon.

  • You must apply in the forum area titled "Character Application".
    • Create forum post titled "<Username>: <Character Name> Application"
    • Describe how you will fit your character in the canon.
    • Give basic details for infoboxes.
      • Realm
      • Etc... see the infobox character. (Template:Character)
  • You are not guaranteed the character. The Council of Characters will decide.
  • You may not use a taken character.
  • You may only take a character on the list, unless you think the character you want fits into the World of Magic canon. In that case, you must report this on the BTS forum.



  • Roleplay takes place in episodes, per season.
  • To create a thread, title it "<Episode Title>: <Location>
  • Roleplay will begin there. You must make the subject the episode article page, for easier access.


  • Each season has twenty-two episodes, unless further specified.
  • You must sign on in the "BTS" forum area for each new season.
    • If you do not sign on, you may not use your character in the current season's events.

Roleplay Guidelines

  • Avoid ret-con.
  • Stick to the plot!
  • You may not cyberbully. That will result in a ban, depending on the severity of the bullying; this applies for all punishments (discover them! The Staff will use their discretion)
  • You may, however, play as PDC (Plot Device Character). This enables you to use a character temporarily for plot purposes only.


  • When a character is needed/wanted, and not taken already, an Audition will be placed, or a Recast Audition if the current RPGer no longer wants to play a character.
  • You will write a scene for that character.
  • The Staff will select who may RPG as that character.
  • If a character is being auditioned for, they may not be used.


  • Plot events may occasionally occur; these will be major plot developments in the Season, and are part of the World of Magic canon.
  • Plot events are not optional unless you are in a For Fun thread, where Plot Events are user-coordinated, as plot events affect the Season.


You must format each post. This is how:

<Character Name>: Body "Quotations".


Cruella De Vil: "Hello, darling," drawled Cruella.


  • You are not permitted to play as your own OC unless you have applied for the OC in Character Applications, with a complete guide to your OC (World of origin, Basic background, Kingdom, Infobox material, etc.) and a definite acceptance.
  • You may play as an Admin-created OC if you Audition.
  • Any and all OCs must have a connection to a previously existing canon character.